Brand Strategy

Frank N. Magid Associates helps companies to develop, shape and strengthen their brands to create emotional connections with consumers and stakeholders. These connections are essential in building engagement that breaks through the clutter and resonates with consumers who are increasingly difficult to reach. Developing a brand strategy will enable clients to answer a number of questions, including:

  • What are current consumer/stakeholder perceptions of the brand?
  • How can the brand be best positioned for growth based on the unmet needs of the target market?
  • What functional and emotional attributes does a brand currently "own" versus its competition?
  • What permission does the brand have to venture into new content, functional or physical arenas?
  • What is the most appropriate brand and positioning strategy?
  • What messaging and positioning resonates with which consumer/stakeholder groups and what provides the greatest and most unique point of value?
  • How does the company communicate and execute its brand with relentless consistency?

Case Study

An Insurance Company Selects Magid as a Strategic Partner to Provide Insights Regarding the Drivers of Consumer Loyalty

In order to maintain and grow its business amidst a crowded competitive environment and the fickle insurance consumer, a leading US insurance company partnered with Frank N. Magid Associates to better understand and improve customer loyalty. Magid implemented sophisticated statistical modeling to identify the drivers of preference and the products, services and messaging that could increase preference, all framed within the company’s key brand strengths. These insights provided actionable tools that increased customer acquisition and retention, and remain the pillars of the firm’s C-level strategy. As a result of the success of the strategy, Magid is considered a strategic partner and is invited to contribute formally and informally on all issues related to the company's customer, product, brand, media, and marketing strategy.