Communication Consultation Services

Frank N. Magid Associates works with executives and organizations to improve communication with employees, stakeholders, customers, and the general public. We apply a unique range of techniques designed to enhance speaking and presentation skills, enhance non-verbal communication, and develop personal brands. Magid also develops crisis communication plans to mitigate public relations challenges. Leveraging our media expertise, Magid helps clients to optimize communication across different media platforms. As a result, Magid enables clients to apply best practices to every speaking opportunity, medium and audience. Our communication consultation service helps our clients to answer a number of critical questions, including:

  • How can the speaker fine-tune his or her verbal and non-verbal communication to win over the desired audience?
  • What are the best practices for interviewing on television, in print, on the radio, or online?
  • What are the best practices for working with a Teleprompter, PowerPoint presentation, or simply written notes?
  • What are the challenges posed by different interview formats like tape-for-edit, satellite link, in-studio, or "cross fire" formats?
  • What are the best methods for articulating and reinforcing key messages within a given media or format?

Case Study

An Energy Company Partners with Magid to Implement a Robust Crisis Communications Strategy to Minimize a Public Relations Challenge

Following a small chemical leak, a Northeastern power company engaged Frank N. Magid Associates to assist its executives in crisis communication. In addition to minimizing the reputational damage among the public, these top executives needed to clearly explain to their stakeholders and government regulators the company's reaction, process improvements and preventative measures. As a result of Magid’s coaching, executives were well prepared to respond to challenging interrogations, thereby helping to ensure that the power company was successfully relicensed.