Generational Strategy

Frank N. Magid Associates is widely recognized as the preeminent generational insights organization.  Through extensive focus on the role of Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials and Plurals (the generation after Millennials), Magid Generational Strategies develops unparalleled insight into the ways generational movements define worldwide culture and influence business and politics.

Over the past eight years, Magid Generational Strategies has conducted more than 50 quantitative surveys totaling over 150,000 online interviews, hundreds of ethnographic sessions, and led numerous qualitative projects including video diaries, collages and online focus groups.  We harness these insights to help our Fortune 500 clients become more profitable by effectively engaging their consumers. 

Based upon our research-informed perspective, Magid Generational Strategies has named the generation following Millennials, those currently 15 and younger, the Pluralist Generation.  To learn more about the Plurals, download our free white paper “The First Generation of the Twenty-First Century.

Case Study

A Mobile Television Service Leverages Magid's Generational Insights to Develop a Successful Marketing Strategy and Product Launch

A mobile television network provider was preparing for its “personal TV” launch and wanted to better understand the various reactions of Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, and Millennials. Using its proprietary generational research, Frank N. Magid Associates helped the client create marketing, launch, and channel positioning strategies based on each generations’ preferred mobile platform, use patterns, and price sensitivity. As a result of this consultation, the client adapted its programming and pricing approach in advance of a successful launch.