Media Strategy

Frank N. Magid Associates leverages its traditional and new media expertise, understanding of media consumption, experience-based best practices and research capabilities to develop and implement media strategies that effectively reach and engage target audiences. Magid's unique consumer perspective and media expertise acquired from over fifty years of experience allow clients to successfully utilize media platforms and content to influence customer behaviors amidst an increasingly fragmented media landscape. A successful media strategy addresses several questions, including:

  • What content on which media platforms resonates most with target audiences?
  • What are the unique values of each media platform and how can they be leveraged to engage target markets?
  • How should the company position its marketing message on each platform and for different target markets?
  • Which media mix enhances the brand and drives engagement and sales?

Case Study

Identifying Content and Distribution Opportunities to Increase Customer Engagement and Product Sales

In an effort to more deeply engage its customers, reach new audiences and grow its brand presence, a Fortune 50 consumer products company partnered with Frank N. Magid Associates to develop a media strategy across brands and platforms to increase customer engagement. Magid conducted a large scale analysis of the related content, distribution and competitive landscape, and identified best practices to identify content and distribution opportunities for the company. Based on this analysis, Magid and the client identified content opportunities and tested these opportunities with target markets. The engagement resulted in an executable, validated media strategy roadmap that aligned with consumer, industry, and competitive opportunities and that positioned the client as a leader in the content area to drive engagement and, ultimately, product sales.