Magid Tools

Frank N. Magid Associates engages at all levels of an organization, from consumer and stakeholder research and consulting services for research, marketing managers and line of business managers to C-level strategy engagements that develop new or enhance current business models. To inform this range of engagements, Magid deploys a unique combination of market research, strategy consulting, and software tools that help our clients make money by solving their problems and helping them to take advantage of opportunities. 

Our specific tools include:

  • Qualitative Research: Understanding consumer attitudes and behaviors through focus groups, ethnographies, shop-alongs, interviews, and other interactive methodologies
  • Quantitative ResearchUnderstanding consumer attitudes and behaviors through large scale online or telephone survey research, the modeling and analysis of these findings and actionable recommendations
  • Strategic Consulting Services: Applying a combination of internal and external analyses, strategic frameworks and consumer and media expertise to develop new or enhance current business models